Quectel LTE-A and 5G quests implemented in LiveU arena broadcast units for located news and sports coverage

Quectel’s EM12-G and RM500Q mobile modules have been picked simply by LiveU, the live life movie production specialist.
LiveU is the inventor and innovator regarding cellular bonding, a technique by which cellular modems are blended intelligently for you to allow the end consumer to employ the combined bandwidth. LiveU’s expertise is usually transforming live news plus dynamic sports coverage, together with flawless 5G (and 4G), 4K, high efficiency online video coding (HEVC) live going and far off production.

With more than 3, 500 customers in over 135 countries, LiveU’s technology is adopted by global broadcasters, news agencies, sports in addition to leisure companies, streaming friendly movie to TV, mobile, on-line and social mass media.

The particular Quectel RM500Q 5G module is being implemented in LiveU’s new LU800 all-in-one production-level field unit, which is created for live life news and active sports coverage. The LU800 offers multi-camera production together with superior video and sound functions, combined with mission-critical tranny in a native 5G product. The unit offers superior 5G performance with up to 8 5G and 4G central twin SIM modems, supported by way of high-efficiency internal antennas.

The particular LU800 includes personalized 5G video delivery algorithms and offers full support with regard to 5G network evolution. LiveU’s Reliable Transport (LRT™) standard protocol is now fully optimized to aid 5G tranny. Typically the Quectel RM500Q 5G component will be optimized for enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and IoT purposes and has been recently designed in a Meters. 2 form factor.

“Quectel’s solution was the very first for being integrated and analyzed simply by LiveU in all of our LU800, ” said Yaki Luzon, often the vice leader of R&D on LiveU. “ 해외축구중계 have examined this RM500Q extensively and successfully in China, Korea, and The european union, providing the caliber of assistance expected from this fresh category of field production products. ”

Pini Sagi, Regional GM in Quectel Wi-fi Solutions, additional:

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